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Star Wars Tatooine Luke Skywalker Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

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Star Wars Tatooine Luke Skywalker Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Relive the movie that started it all! From Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, bring home the Rebel Alliance's greatest hope with your very own Star Wars Tatooine Luke Skywalker Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head! The young Jedi measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. Ages 3 and up.
UPC:  849803057107
Package Weight (pounds):  0.35
Package Length (inches):  7
Package Width (inches):  5
Package Height (inches):  4
Package Cubic Feet:  0.08
Package Dimensional Weight:  1.01
Carton Weight (pounds):  16.85
Carton Length (inches):  31
Carton Width (inches):  15
Carton Height (inches):  16
Carton Cubic Feet:  4.31
Carton Dimensional Weight:  53.53
Country of Origin:  China
Age:  3+
Gender:  Male
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Disclaimer: While I personally select the best condition Funkos available, please note that the Funko figure and box may not be in 100% pristine condition. There may be imperfections on the cardboard box and/or figurine, the same imperfections that may be found in Funko figurines displayed in a retail store. These imperfections include, but are not limited to, creases on the box, paint not being within the lines of the figurines, and scuffs on the plastic cover.  I do not sell Funkos figurines that have large damage to the the box or figure itself.  Also, due to the nature of the plastic wrap for sealed Funkos, there may be holes in the plastic wrap from the manufacturing process.
All my items are packed with packing material to ensure safe transport (bubble wrap, air packs, styrofoam packing peanuts, packing paper, and/or cardboard panels).  
If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. 
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