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Champion Brands Gun Grease Poly 7® High Temp 14 oz. Each

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CHAMPION POLY-7 ultra-heavy duty hi-temp grease is made using highly refined petroleum stocks, co-polymers and advanced lithium complex additives specially processed to provide the ultimate in lubrication. The super tough film strength of CHAMPION POLY-7 stays put under extreme shock loads and offers a very low friction coefficient.

A special additive “A-7” gives CHAMPION POLY-7 increased lubrication and delivers excellent oxidation, adhesion, and pumpability characteristics.

It resists moisture and water washout. CHAMPION POLY-7 is an all weather grease meeting the requirements of NLGI GC-LB for automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubrication.

CHAMPION POLY-7 continuously coats all surfaces to prevent fretting, corrosion and increases bearing life. It can be used in multiple applications and is recommended for heavy duty service for all lubricating points on automotive, heavy duty trucks, fleet, farm and industrial equipment where a AGMA or NLGI grade 2 heavy duty grease is required such as:

Marine Equipment/Boat Trailer Wheelbearings

Disc Brakes

King Pins

Mining/Construction Equipment

Farm Equipment

Ball and U-Joints

Chassis Lubrication

Lawn & Garden

Fifth Wheels

PART# 4050T