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Champion Octane Treatment

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Champion Octane Treatment delivers modest improvements to the octane number and combustion performance of gasoline. Our metal-free formula is completely safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and will not cause spark plug fouling as seen with metallic spark-knock inhibitors. Champion Octane Treatment also has excellent solvency and contains dispersants for multi-tank clean-up of port fuel injectors and corrosion inhibition.

• Improves combustion

• Oxygen sensor safe

• Safe for catalytic converters

• Helps reduce spark-knock

• Keeps fuel lines clean

• Provides corrosion protection

• Cleans port fuel injectors

• Does not foul spark plugs

It is vitally important to use fuel which meets the octane requirement of your engine. In cases where compression ratios are high and low-octane gasoline is used, spark knock can cause catastrophic damage to pistons, bearings, and timing systems. One bottle treats up to 16 gallons.