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Concentrated formula designed for all 2 & 4 cycle engines. Keeps gasoline and diesel fuel fresh during storage and prevents corrosion and varnish build-up. Keeps system clean for better performance.


Champion Fuel Stabilizer is a dual function product that stabilizes fuel for quicker start-up after lengthy storage and cleans fuel systems for improved fuel efficiency.

DIRECTIONS: Use one ounce per 2½ gallons of fuel for storage period of up to 12 months. Pour fuel stabilizer into fuel tank and run engine for 2-3 minutes to allow treated fuel to run through system.

DANGER: VAPOR HARMFUL. COMBUSTIBLE. Do not use near excessive heat, sparks, or open flame. Use only in well ventilated area. If overcome by vapor, move to fresh air. Absorbed through skin. Wear rubber gloves. If on skin, rinse well with soap and water. Prevent contact with eyes. If in eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

Do not swallow. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Call physician or local poison control center immediately.

CONTAINS: Petroleum Distillates (CAS #8052-41-3) and Alklphenol polyoxyalkyl alkylamine (proprietary). KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.