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Champion Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid 4355H Case of 12 Quarts

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Case of 12 Quarts
Champion® Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid is a cost-effective solution for planetary automatic transmissions in passenger motor vehicles, power transmissions in some vocational equipment, certain power steering systems, and anti-wear hydraulic applications. This fluid is blended with quality base oils, shear stable polymer, and carefully balanced chemistry providing friction modification, cleanliness, air release, seal compatibility and resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and wear. 
Benefits and Features: 
• Excellent cleanliness; resistance to sludge and varnish buildup 
• Anti-wear performance and friction modification 
• Exceptional performance at low temperatures 
• Friction modification for smooth clutch engagement 
• High viscosity index 
Champion® Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid meets the performance requirements of: 
• Ford Mercon 
• GM Dexron II, IIIG, & IIIH 
• Chrysler ATF+3 
• Allison C-4 (TES 389) 
• Caterpillar TO-2 
• Ford Type A Suffix A (TASA) 
• Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S