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Champion Brands 4182K Classic Blue Flame Diesel Engine Oil

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CHAMPION CLASSIC BLUE FLAME ® SAE 15W-40 synthetic blend heavy duty diesel engine oil is purpose built for the protection and performance of pre-2007 diesel engines.

Champion brought back the anti-wear, detergent, and dispersant additives, proven over decades to deliver superior protection and lubricity in pre-2007 model year diesel engines, and moved diesel engine oil performance to a higher level by combining them with shear stable synthetic base oils. Champion also included its exclusive TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) polymer chemistry borrowed from our CHAMPION RACING motor oil technology. This proprietary technology delivers unmatched film strength at high temperature, better piston ring seal for maximum compression, and increases the foot-pounds of torque in most engines. It is designed to specifically address extreme performance demands of turbo or super-charged pre-2007 model year diesel engines.


• Synthetic blend SAE 15W-40 formula

• Exceeds API service categories CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, and CG-4 performance levels

• Advanced viscosity and soot control technology for shear stability and engine cleanliness

• High reserve alkalinity controls acid formation reducing corrosive wear and thermal viscosity breakdown


Diesel Engine Service

• Use in all pre-2007 diesel engines

• Drain intervals may be extended further with oil analysis Notice

• Not recommended for use in engines with diesel particulate filtration devices

• Not recommended for use in wet clutch applications