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Champion Brands - Racing Full Synthetic 75W-140 Gear Lubricant, 1x1 Qt.

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Synthetic 75W-140 Racing Gear Oil

Purpose Built Performance:

Champion Oil Synthetic 75w-140 Racing Gear Lube is purpose-built for high performance and racing applications, Champion’s new gear lube is engineered for both gasoline and diesel vehicles and is also excellent for other severed duty applications such as towing, off-road driving and commercial use. Champions use Champion!

Champion Oil 75w-140 Synthetic Racing Gear Lube outperforms conventional gear oils by providing exceptional anti-wear characteristics and cold-flow properties. This new gear oil is designed to lubricate components with extreme-pressure additives that are more viscous than found in competitive fluids.

While many racing and performance applications still use mineral gear oils, synthetic gear oils show better resistance to oxidation, better flow at start-up, and better retention of viscosity at elevated temperatures. These characteristics are exceptionally important to the performance and racing enthusiast.

Champion Oil 75w-140 Racing Gear Lube, available in 5 Gallon pails, is a top-tier synthetic product purpose-built for maximum protection and performance. It is produced to withstand the extreme conditions of both on and off-road racing gearboxes, transaxles, and rear differentials. It contains Champion’s Shock Load inhibitor (SLI) chemistry proven to absorb abrupt load transitions- helping reduce heat, wear, and friction. This is an extreme pressure lubricant recommended for use in conventional and limit slip differentials, and transfer cases in both performance and racing applications.