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Dyno-Tab Windscreen Green Glass Cleaner

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Windshield Cleaner

This exciting new product has a lot of people asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” 

Windscreen Green® is a tablet that turns ordinary water into a powerful cleaning agent for your windshield washer reservoir. 

It is very effective at removing bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and road grime from the windshield. We call it Windscreen Green® because unlike other premixes that use toxic methanol, Windscreen Green® is biodegradable, phosphate and fragrance free and completely non-toxic. This convenient, fast-dissolving tablet eliminates measuring, spills, mess and plastic bottles to be disposed of. 

You can add Windscreen Green® directly to the reservoir or pre mix in a separate container and top off as needed. Try it on mirrors and other glass surfaces that need to sparkle and shine! :

    • Gets your windshield sparkling clean!
    • Turns ordinary water into a powerful cleaning solution.
    • Safe for all paints and finishes.
    • Fights wiper “chatter”.
    • Retards hard water scale buildup in spray nozzles.

Special Note:
       Protects to 32°F. Please be aware that this is a summer formula. It will not prevent water from freezing in the reservoir. If you use a winter antifreeze/solvent windshield cleaning solution, just add 
Windscreen Green
    ® to that. Safe for all metal, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.